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Root Checker Pro 1.3.1 apk

Root Checker Pro v1.3.1 apk Android
Small and simple app to ONLY validate main accessibility and BusyBox install!



This application will allow the customer to validate they have appropriate main ( superuser ) accessibility and a appropriate BusyBox set up.

The goal of this application is to offer even the latest Android os customer with a simple technique to examine their system for main accessibility. This application will also allow the customer to validate a appropriate BusyBox set up.

For the more innovative and officially prepared users, many important details are offered around the Root and BusyBox set up. The applying provides all details needed to effectively repair any main or BusyBox issues.
The Root Check method shows, typical su binary places and file authorizations, along with main uid/gid outcomes, Superuser.apk set up and edition, adb spend standard customer method, and the System described PATH.

The application makes it very simple trade the specific outcome via email or any other social networking application set up on the product (Twitter, SMS, etc). Easy discussing of the specific and specialized outcomes provides comfort for sharing! One simple key press allows Root or BusyBox details to be distributed for working together or troubleshooting!

This application will check the product for main accessibility. Very simple, quick and efficient check technique to examine for main accessibility. The su binary is the most typical binary used on Android os gadgets to allow main accessibility. This application will examine and validate the su binary place and authorizations on the product. This details is generally the most helpful in detecting problems with main accessibility.

A typical means for solving issues around effectively setting up and setting up main accessibility via the su binary is to collect the authorizations around the su binary along with the set up place. All this details is easily described in a short time by this application. To allow even greater comfort, this details can be easily released and distributed for assistance in solving su binary and main issues.

The gadget offered along with this application allows simple and continuous tracking of main accessibility position. The gadget allows the customer to create a clock period to examine for main and busybox position. The gadget will always keep the customer up to date via on screen gadget announcements regarding main and busybox set up and managing position.

Gaining main accessibility differs based on producer, model, and service provider. The applying currently provides cheering information hyperlinks to over 40 gadgets and is growing. If a system does not yet have a information for cheering connected in the application, please consult to find the appropriate cheering support areas for your specific system. Other popular web sites which offer cheering books are and

Please don't leave negative feedback! Instead, please email me with your reviews, recommendations and comments! You can email your innovative root/BusyBox outcomes along with your feedback! Thank you!!

Formerly known as Root Checker and Root Check .
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What's in this version:
Version 1.3.0
** Minimal fixes
Version 1.2.9
** Modified App Icon
** Minimal fixes
Version 1.2.8
** Included recognition and outcomes for SuperSU application
Version 1.2.7
** Included main books for latest typical devices
Version 1.2.6 - 1.2.3
** Minimal bug fixes!
Version 1.2.2
** Legal important note don't agree is constantly on the use application
** More bug fixes!
Version 1.2.1
** Bug fixes!
Version 1.2.0
** Included gadget for constant position updates
** Included brilliant research outcome to Root Check results

Requires Android: 1.6 and up

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