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Razor Salvation THD 1.0.7 apk

Razor Salvation THD v1.0.7 apk Android
As leader of the dropshipping "Salvation", you are given the job of saving Globe's population and assisting with the EDSF protection attempt.
Razor Solution is the first hit in a sequence of activities that will take the gamer along the tale of the Xenos and why they have penetrated the world World.

THD Features:

    CONSOLE GRADE GRAPHICS - Great polygon personality designs and specular push planned designs and full-screen pixel results.
    DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS - Strike up various areas of the surroundings while cutting down your enemies!
    EXTRA LEVEL AND DROPSHIP SKIN - Unique Day 0 level centered in NVIDIA's Santa Paolo HQ!

Standard Features:

    DROPSHIP AND CIVILIAN SKINS - Generate awards and return them for exclusive colour skins for your Dropship or sprinkle out on swimwear ladies and brighten leaders!!!
    DYNAMIC COVER-BASED AI -Enemies display different techniques and goose in and out of secure. Powerful things can be marvelous around the amount and the attacker will keep discover secure behind them! Capture the Xenos, secure the civilians! Or keep them alone and observe the contaminated eat them...
    FIRST PERSON "BEACH HEAD" DEFENCE - Use the traditional FPS weaponry like grenade launcher, bomb launcher and railgun. Entry to amazing deals like the Redeemer!
    PLAYER CREATED FACTIONS - Make your own factions with buddies and battle together to be the top doing Faction in the world!
    FIGHT FOR YOUR REGION - Help your globe region to the top of the rankings!
    UNIQUE LEADERBOARD TITLES - Be the best present shooter or messiah and display off with the capability to be at the top!

Required Android operating system O/S : 1.6+

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