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Kids Numbers and Math 1.16.4 apk

Kids Numbers and Math v1.16.4 apk Android
A fun way for kids to understand figures and develop primary mathematical abilities.

Wouldn't it be just amazing if there was a easy activity for kids that created studying figures and primary mathematical abilities enjoyable? There is! It's known as Kids Numbers and Math.

Numbers are verbal in kid-friendly British, Japoneses, France, In in german, Spanish terminology, European. The compensated edition allows the variety varies to be set, with figures going up to 20.

Just to create sure, you know we also have a studying program, right? It includes Kids ABC Characters Kids ABC Phonics and Kids Reading.

★ Issues when trying to download?
This is a known problem of the Android operating system Industry. Search to the end of this information for some Google-recommended alternatives that work.

★ Have Recommendations or Issues?
Email and you'll get a immediate reaction.

★ "I couldn't get my mobile cellphone back."
The activity is from Intellijoy, where we are dedicated to academic actions with the fun designed right into them.

Your kid will really like enjoying Kids Numbers and Math, and you'll be able to relax, understanding your kid is studying while having excellent fun.

Let's do the relax of the information in a question-and-answer type.

★ What actions are included?

✔ studying numbers
✔ select max/min number
✔ addition
✔ subtraction
✔ discover a match
✔ innovative exercises

There are more innovative workouts, too, and a amazing variety of kids appreciate the experience so much they do them, too.

If you want your kid to understand mathematical – and appreciate it – you can't discover a better option than Kids Numbers and Math.

★ What will my kids learn?

Your kid will understand to name, evaluate, add, deduct and go with figures.

★ What won't my kids learn?

The activity does not excess kids and mother and father with too many sound and graphic stimulating elements. Dealing with pressure and over-stimulation is therefore one expertise that your kids won't be exercising during the experience. Its obvious concentrate creates the experience a pleasure for kids and a successful option for mother and father.

Once your kid is engaged and satisfied, you can relax, with the guarantee that he or she is having a good time – and learning!

If you'd like to analyze the experience yourself before you buy it, we provide a no cost en aning edition.

★ Hey, how did you take the top four areas in the Education and studying section?

✔ Kids really like our actions. Parents really like to see their preschool-aged kids being both knowledgeable and silently satisfied. Search engines observed our excellent opinions and then presented and marketed our programs.

✔ Our actions are laser system targeted. For example, the figures activity doesn't educate letters, and the letters activity doesn't educate mathematical. We keep the actions easy but amazingly attractive and healthy.

✔ We endeavor to provide kids just the right stability between education and fun. So our actions don't function fun at the expenditure to train – or education at the price of fun. We also know actions that are too complex do not include and pleasure kids.

We wish your kids appreciate all the fun and education we've designed into our activity of Kids Numbers and Math – and that you'll appreciate our other kid-friendly actions, too.

If you have any concerns or problems, please e-mail us. We always react within 12 time and sometimes within moments.

★ Obtain issues? Here are some Google-recommended alternatives for this known Android operating system Industry issue:

✔ Ensure that your mobile cellphone is signed into Search engines Discuss. Redownload the app.
✔ Reboot your mobile cellphone. Ensure that there is connection. Redownload the app.
✔ Choose "Clear Data" (in Settings/Manage Applications/Running/Market). Redownload the app.

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What's in this version:
Fixed the bug with incorrect standard terminology.

Requirements: Differs with device

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