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ICS+ Launcher apk

ICS+ Launcher v1.7.0.0 apk Android
Get 4.0 on any Android operating program system with Ice Lotion Food Launcher!

Ice Lotion Food Launcher is a house alternative app developed to provide you the overall look and feeling of the latest Android operating program upgrade by Search engines, Android operating program 4.0


★ Imitations Ice Lotion Food 4.0.4
★ In-Launcher position bar with ICS theme
★ Sleek and fast on appropriate gadgets (ask for help)
★ Move and fall cross-hairs (Garden Cross-hairs)
★ Desltop gestures
★ Vehicle storage cache dump
★ Plenty of configurations and features
★ Formal ICS 4.0 gadget resizing, display signal, look for bar, analogue time, and picture (or create your own).
★ Cover up brands on pc and drawer
★ Facilitates all fixed and remain wallpapers
★ Scrollable and re-sizable widgets
★ And so much more!

What is organized for upcoming updates?

★ More transitions
★ More widgets
★ More position bar icons

Quick Guidelines and Help:

★ICS Launcher is developed to substitute your Inventory Launcher. It can be unfastened by going to configurations > programs > handle > ICS Launcher > Obvious Fails.
★Click "menu" components key to accessibility System and Launcher settings
★Long-click on any pc display to add symbols, symbols, and wallpapers
★Swipe up on any house display to cover the alert bar. Run down to carry it returning.
★This Launcher may not run effectively on all gadgets such as relatively ancient or low-end phones!
★If you are suffering from Power Near mistakes, try cleaning storage cache by pushing your selection components key on the property display, choose "manage apps", and start "ICS 4.0 Launcher" under the "All" tab. On the other hand, you can remove and re-install the 12/20 upgrade from the industry.
★For assistance, be sure to reply to this ad as we cannot reply to individual reviews on the market!

Important Information:

Avast confirming as malware?! No it's definitely not viruses, it is the AdNetwork SDK which has been qualified by Verisign and completely accepted by Search engines. Avast and a few other out of date readers will level this as a danger because of the needed authorizations. Don't be misled, use a reader with genuine identifiers like Search Protection or AVG. Study our online comfort plan or get in touch with us for more details.

Then why are there so many permissions? Well, most are needed for the app cabinet and house display manages. The others are necessary for our AdNetwork's SDK and are described in more details here - All authorizations included are absolutely simple and at no factor do we gather or shop any individual information! Our customer's comfort is a top concern, but please you can get in touch with us if you have any issues or issues.

This app will offer a few useful strategies on your program by means of a look for save weblink and house display symbol. This gives us five pennies everytime the app is downloadable for the first some time to will help us out a lot in creating more programs. If you do not want to use these new resources, you can basically neglect or remove them by pulling the symbol to the trash can and no damage is done (our app continues to be the same, no need to remove it). Thank you!

If you have any issues or reviews, please examine out our web page or reply to this ad and we will get returning to you as soon as possible.

Note to Devoted Customers and Fans:

To those of you that have been assisting Distribute Apps and using our launchers and designs for the last season, you may have observed that some of them have not been modified in a few several weeks. We appreciate your commitment and reviews more than can be indicated in composing and are incredibly sorry for the delay, but this is only because we have invested the last 6 several weeks directly creating a new launcher that will be the most innovative and personalized app in the marketplace when we are prepared to release. The programs we have launched meanwhile are to create sure individual functions and add-ons perform before developing them into the try out venture (and only particular designs for those functions at that). So do not lose hope because the genuine factor will be out soon and absolutely modify the way you look at your cellphone or product. Keep updated in and examine our website for updates!

What's in this version:
- In-Launcher Status bar
- Complete Customization
- Lawn Crosshairs
- Formal Clock
- Formal display indicator
- Renewed Search Bar
- Renewed display fall & bounce
- Connect bar fix (Icon getting stuck)
- Drawer Advancement
- Planning for next update
- WebServer integration
- Changes throughout
- New food selection and navigations

Requirements: 2.0 and up

Download Here Mirror

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