Friday, October 5, 2012

HD Metallic Widgets 1.0 apk

HD Metallic Widgets v1.0 apk Android
HD Metal Icons provides you a new stylish experience of desltop. This set of gadget includes climate gadget, electronic time gadget, analogue time gadget, power supply gadget and changes gadget, all in one program.

What makes these widgets unique is not only its stylish style, but also it is enhanced approach in power supply usage, and also it is easy to use.

Through this program you will have access to

    Analog Clock, which is available in both Group and Square forms. This gadget also shows the present day of the month. Also it display in 3 X 3 dimension.
    Digital Clock, will display enough some time to present time period. Also it shows in 4 X 1 dimension.
    Battery Widget, it’s shown in two different sizes, the huge one is in 4 X 1 dimension and little one in 2 X 1 dimension. This gadget let you know the position of power supply via its shape and its color. When you plug in the battery charger, it will explain to you the progress of asking for.
    Weather Widget, in its little dimension (4 X 1) will instantly identify your location, and based on that, display the present level, minimum and maximum level of the day and explain you the the elements. The huge dimension (4 X 2) will have the same performance as the little one, and will display the the elements of four next added days. If you need to upgrade climate gadget personally, you just contact the gadget and in the started out screen you can renew it.
    Switch Widget, provides you a fast way to turn on/off some useful features like Wi-Fi, Wireless, GPS, Display Lighting, Quiet method and Auto Spinning, also is available in 4 X 1 dimension.
    Consisting Widget, it’s made by writing Weather, Date & some time to Battery gadget. If you need to upgrade climate gadget personally, you can contact the elements part and in the started out screen you can renew it.

Required Android operating system O/S : 2.1+

    500 MHz + CPU
    MDI Screen

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