Thursday, September 27, 2012

Color Splash Effect Pro 1.2.7 apk

Color Splash Effect Pro v1.2.7 apk Android
Shade Sprinkle Impact lets you quickly give pictures a impressive look by transforming them to grayscale, while keeping your chosen information colored. This effect attracts the viewers' attention to the colored areas, creating stunning pictures.

Most particular shading applications provide you with 2 artwork choices: Greyish or unique color. Shade Sprinkle Impact gives you this PLUS the ability to colour nearly ANY color!

The user-friendly and sensitive multi-touch individual interface creates Shade Sprinkle Impact incredibly easy and fun to use. Use your handy as a sweep to "paint" areas of your image grayscale, or to restore the unique color. Cruising in and out using the two-finger grabbing action allows you to perform on information with pixel-accuracy.


    Share your modified pictures on Facebook or myspace.
    Save multiple classes to continue your perform later.
    Reverse any number of random sweep swings.
    An alternative view method features the areas that will remain colored with a red shade. This creates it much simpler to see and modify the limitations between color and dark & bright areas.
    Choose from 4 different paint brushes (hard or soft surrounded, solid or transparent)
    Are employed scenery or symbol direction.
    Cover up the tool bars in full screen method.
    Enhanced for tablets
    Touch zoom(zoom with fingers)
    Scalable sweep size
    Change colors of your photos

What is more than others

    Provides highest resolution results.
    Provides scenery and symbol method.
    Two different individual interface designs, one for phones and one for pills.
    Tablet design provide more space for pictures.
    Most genuine color substitute operation as opposed to other applications.

What's in this version : (Updated : Sep 27, 2012)

    12 new effects
    Total 37 effects
    New Modification tools
    Contrast adjustment
    Comfort adjustment
    Lighting adjustment

Required Android operating system O/S : 2.1+

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