Thursday, June 14, 2012

Villain Defence APK 1.0

Villain Defence APK 1.0
Villain Defence APK 1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: The best hero "Captain blue" is "Captain Black" depraved villains!!

Order no laws no evil "Kyu citizens today, the city wall city" terrified and enjoy, the forces of the villains no longer growing stronger is not solved by the police, then a man stood up, there he is "the best of the city", was a rich blue silicate wall. By taking advantage of all the blue of his means, and the best nights defeat evil with the rest of the photos I decided to bet Superman leads to creating a legion. Blue was the name of the Second Corps and called up Ben justice and they end up with a bunch of evil is a leader in the fight to take control of all the villains, most will stick to the villains, the key to successful monitoring can in prison Kam.

All citizens are respected and lauded him as captain of the Let's start, and he became a top hero Captain blue. Captain blue is justice was leading citizens ' safety and was Ben with a bunch of evil and the power of the Corps fought Superman Township was getting stronger.

One day late means that this is super, Superman joined no do not have the ability to understand the fact that Captain Blue's leader and let the reader back to Chung. Captain blue is justice for citizens that Ben was saying the people vote leader again suggested that opinion, and all of the heroes are devoted in favor but as a result of the overwhelming poll results: Captain blue was a leader again Captain blue is a super guy who is not only the leader in the force and advice but the result of this vote is super Captain blue is used to manipulate the table means, and villains are also called Captain Blue's money was bribe. disseminate false facts show

This false fact is knowing all the citizens to become angry at Captain blue. Captain blue is in the hands of the appeal but in the end the hero chagrin arrested Bertinelli Kam prison. He then became a super guy and the new leader of the justice and Ben in jail Captain blue is all that anger leads to you.

In the end he lost everything due to tripping of the colleagues in his life as the villain, Captain Black anger reincarnate
Are all valid Baptiste Kam villains gather in prisons are trying to jailbreak it…..

-50 species of various units

-With a rising skill/objects

-Production buildings upgrade

-Ten hero and 36 species of police

Highly polished graphics and effects to the Mall, to maximize the!
Villain Defence APK 1.0

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