Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Block Story APK 3.1.2 Download

Block Story APK 3.1.2 Download
Block Story APK 3.1.2 Download
Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and up
Overview: Could you ever imagine that may be, more epic ...

What, stone by stone, build your house.
Protect your home with a weapon in your hand.
And one day ... Resist evil, unseen until now.
Fight and win!
Hunt for unknown monsters! On land and under water
Choose the path of creation ... Or destroy everything in its path!
Explore a truly infinite world.
Take off into the sky!
Choose the type of weapon that fits you and develop the skill of possession to perfection.
But always be ready to meet with something that will kill you ...


*Infinite world even up and down, with hell, biomes and
floating islands

*85 different creatures. From Dragons, to lizards, from Megalodon to squirrels

*Build anything you can imagine

*25 quests to gain weapons and level up to help you develop your character

* Crafting. Combine your items to create tools and weapons

* 3 modes for controls: drag to look (default), 2 joystick, and accelerometer. You can configure controls in whichever way feels comfortable to you. Open settings and click on controls.
Block Story APK 3.1.2 Download

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